Karen Ami’s work is a continuing battle between the symbolic heart and all that it represents, about love, life and eternity. The reality of that fragile organ is as delicate as a leaf; transitory and is an integral part of the natural world. Her work explores the balance between organ and plant, beauty and ugliness, pain and pleasure, life and death, and love and loss.

In her latest series of works, she has developed a narrative language that uniquely combines a fascination with drawing, mosaic, ceramic and carving. The black and white mosaics merge references to organs and plants with cuts and scratches. The scars from these marks demonstrate both injury (revealing something beneath) and the subsequent healing process. In a recent work, Lost and Found, a duality and union exist in the embrace of two figures. The layers of these surfaces are where skin and form come together to reveal evidence of memory and experience.

Ami creates drawings and writings in clay and breaks them apart- reconstructing and reassembling pieces to create a new whole. This process of deconstruction and the rebuilding; incorporates cuts and scratches as part of her additive method of mosaic. The resulting works are an outcome of a continual journey of exploration and investigation.

These compositions combine rich surfaces and bio-morphic forms, exposing complex and primitive stories of transformation and regeneration. The destruction and repair in Ami’s unique process is a metaphor for the life cycle and how the world can become whole.


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