studio june13What is an art PRACTICE anyway? It is just what any professional does- lawyer doctor tinker tailor soldier spy-  all continue to hone their learned art by practicing to perfect the skills they have a acquired in school and in life. Practicing. Growing and learning through your Practice. Art practitioners are consistently working to find new ways to create the work with a clearer voice and intention, through the exploration of ideas merged with techniques tools, and materials.

Resistance- the voices of insecurity can get in the way of your practice but are important to hear.  Am I talented enough? The dance of avoidance. TIME and ACTION OVERCOMES FEAR.

We live in this time of microchips and megabytes and commuter meals and fast cars and planes and time tick-tocking fast fast. It is no wonder that so many artists are in a hurry to make their work and promote the heck out of it before their skills, technical ability, or IDEAS are fully formed. Today’s art students are more concerned with how to market an undeveloped body of work than to develop a PRACTICE that is necessary to create good (or even just better) works of art. I know so many people with artists websites, color catalogs, calendars, postcards, banners, T-shirts, coffee mugs, how to books, and workshop studios that have just not done the work to justify that kind of promotion. Hey, sure it’s a free country. But what is the true passion or motivation ?? Are you creating half-baked ideas for moneymaking and/or attention? Whatever it is it might be good to pay attention to your motivation.

If it becomes a business- can we still be free to experiment and play? Or maybe our passion for creating our work needs to be redirected. And those distractions that can pull you away from developing your practice and more importantly- your passion.

Seriously? Facebook is fun and a great place to see what’s going on with all these other artists and see what your friends have eaten for dinner or look at my new cute dog but like most of what is going on online- it is a timesuck that pulls you away from your practice and honing your skills and voice in the studio. So stop reading this and  go make something.

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