Progress.As artists, our process and vision changes and evolves over time. We make art and create at different times for different reasons and our works may reflect those passages. Sometimes we can’t work or don’t- this is part of the process; the ebb and flow of artistic growth and wisdom.

Each of us can discover the potential of our beautiful voice -it is a process that never ends no matter how old we are or what our experience is thus far.  Life is incredibly short, and I am assuming that this is the only shot we have at living it.  Don’t stop being curious about the world around you. It is really all about love anyway- so SAY SOMETHING.

I learn something new every time I work. After 30 years of speaking and developing a visual voice, I am excited by all the possibilities I have yet to explore. This is  a quality of my greatest mentors and teachers, who would never feign to label themselves as “masters”. Why not? Because they are not finished growing as artists, as illustrated in this quote by cellist Pablo Casals.

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